-Mrudula Bandaru

 The leaders that I'm around today have come from difficult and unsupportive environments. With dedication and persistence they were able to embark on a journey where education, communication and leadership played a considerable role. Here at LeadersRus we are going to offer the tools that will help those who are striving to achieve the utmost of their dreams to succeed on their own journey.

I've been blessed to start my education in a country where leadership and freedom is encouraged. I want to offer this opportunity to the world so that those who seek to achieve and lead will have the ability to do so.

To become the change we want to see

    The Founder

What we do



 Here at LeadersRus we aim to improve ZPHS Kurmapally high school by introducing

Gavel Club. Gavel Club will teach students the tricks to public speaking and being an effective communicator and

leader.We are also introducing different mediums of learning the English language so that students can develop

an interest in a way that is better suited for their understanding. LeadersRus will be following through with this goal using project iSpeak.