Sreenivas Konam

Project iSpeak Coordinator & Trainer

Project iSpeak

Project iSpeak is a creative, nontraditional program that LeadersRus is working on in Kurampally, India. iSpeak teaches kids  in ZPHS Kurmapally how to speak English by utilizing audio visual aids to create a more positive,encouraging and interesting environment. Project iSpeak will be using these audio visual aids to show kids shows,movies,cartoons etc. so that they can learn about spoken english and how to communicate effectively. For the next step, LeadersRus is offering a tool for Project iSpeak and that tool is Gavel Club. Gavel Club is a juniors club for Toastmasters which teaches public speaking. 

Project iSpeak is still needing specific devices that would be helpful in this process. Interested donors can choose items that they would like to contribute from the Wishlist  page or contribute money from Donate page. If you are interested in contributing an item please contact

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