First time in the history of the ZP High School, Kurmapally....

I am proud to announce that we were able to send Swapna from our project school to "Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies" formerly called "IIIT"( This is truly exciting experience to me being a high school kid myself. We salute to our onsite Co-ordinator, Srinivas Konam. This is first time in the history of the school, sending its student to a professional college. At the end of this six year integrated program, Swapna will be a computer engineer, she also happens to be the first in her family going to the college.

We encourage you to congratulate Swapna on our blog or send an email to This would mean lot to her and other kids.

Mrudula Bandaru is a speaker at Virginia Women's Business Conference 2013.

Ms. Bandaru's speech received an excellent response from the keynote speakers and the audience as well. She was able to convince the attendees the importance of Project iSpeak and how it can bring a radical change among impoverished rural girls' lives.

Ms. Bandaru also stressed that we need to act now. The change we are trying to bring costs us only a ​fraction of what it could cost four years in the future. Hence, lets act now, donate us as much as you can, even a dime or work for us 0.83 minute(based on a minimum wage of $7.25/hour it's just 10 cents). By the way, we are not related to any insurance company and we're not talking 'x amount  of pennies each day' J just a one time donation. Your contribution makes a true difference.

​You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation. -Brigham Young

(This is a old quote but it still holds true)

Virginia Women's Business Conference

Friday 22 November, 2013